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DFM PJSC Strategy

Established as a public institution with an independent legal entity by virtue of Decree 14/2000 issued by the Ministry of Economy, the DFM launched its activities on 26th March 2000. On 27th December 2005, the Executive Council of Dubai decided to transform the DFM into a public shareholding company with a capital of AED 8 billion divided into 8 billion shares, where 20% of the capital, equal to 1.6 billion shares, was offered through an IPO. The public offering was met with great demand that exceeded all expectations, with subscriptions amounting to AED 201 billion. On 7th March 2007, the Dubai Financial Market Company was listed on the market with the trading symbol DFM.

The DFM has been providing the ideal channel for liquidity to a large number of companies which have reshaped the Emirate’s map over the past few years, particularly real estate companies, financial services and banks. DFM’s capacity to serve Dubai’s different economic sectors significantly increased over the last couple of years, owed to various initiatives which promoted its organizational structure to become on par with best practices.

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