Zakat Shares of Dubai Financial Market (PJSC) According to the Net Assets Method

As part of our commitment to facilitate and diversify services provided to DFM Shareholders, DFM was keen to calculate the value of Zakat according to the Net Assets Method. The Zakat base is determined in this way by the deduction of short-term liabilities and non-controlling interest from Zakat assets. The Zakat assets consist of cash, cash equivalents, receivables "net of non-performing debts", assets acquired for trading and finance assets, excluding its provisions "that have been formed in anticipation of a decline in its value or to predict the failure to collect the amount of funding" and deduct the fixed assets related to these assets. The liabilities consist of all accrued expenses during the period of financial position, the rights of the owners of the unrestricted investment accounts, the rights of the minority, the rights of the government, charities and human rights institutions and rights of non-profit organizations in case it doesn’t have a specific owner.

Year  Zakat amount (AED/1000 shares)
2020  8.18 
2019  8.4 
2018  7.88
2017   9.03 
2016  7.16 
 2015  4.32 
 2014  5.43 
 2013  6.51 
 2012  2.82 
 2011  1.58 
 2010  4.63 
 2009  4.34


Calculate the zakat value on your DFM P.J.S.C shares using the below calculator. (Not applicable for shares acquired for trading purposes.)

Zakat Calculator

Notice: For investors buying shares for trading purposes, the zakat value is 2.5% of the market value (adjusted to the Gregorian calendar year).
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