Frequently asked questions

What is the ticker symbol for DFM PJSC?

Which exchanges are the DFM PJSC shares listed on?

Where can I find the current DFM PJSC stock price?

When did the DFM PJSC Initial Public Offering (IPO) take place?

Where can I get information about the DFM PJSC company?

Where can I obtain information on the DFM Board of Directors?

Which company is the independent auditor for DFM PJSC?

How do I contact DFM Investor Relations?

What is DFM's fiscal year?

How do I obtain a copy of the DFM PJSC annual and interim reports and latest financials?

If I am not a UAE national, can I purchase DFM PJSC shares?

Who regulates the DFM?