Frequently Asked Questions

What services are available for an issuer (listed company)?

How can I access our company share register and list of investors on a daily basis?

If I subscribe to the eSAR service, what can I expect to receive?

If I chose to subscribe to eReports, what types of reports are available?

Are customized reports available based on our requirements?

Can we request a change on any of our shareholders’ data such as contact details, if so what are the requirements for initiating such changes?

How are we notified whenever DFM applies new fees structure, or changes any rules or regulations?

How long do we have to settle any invoice issued against a service received?

How is the sharebook updated?

What types of reports do we receive in case of corporate actions?

When is the effective date of a Corporate Action? 

When is the Corporate Action for a dual-listed company-foreign executed? 

Do shareholders of dual-listed companies and shareholders of private companies enjoy the same services offered to shareholders of Public Joint Stock Companies? 

How are private companies different from public joint stock companies?

How are dual-listed companies different from primary-listed joint stock companies? 

What types of transfers available for listed companies? 

Would the Electronic Connection Service (electronic Connection with AS400 system used for share registrar) allow us to generate sharebook reports? 

What is the eSAR service subscription duration? 

How long does it take for a service request to be fulfilled? 

What are the methods available to receive sharebooks or reports? 

When does the settlement take place?

Where can we find the latest fees for issuers?