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Union Coop lists its shares on Dubai Financial Market

Trade easily. Trade safely. Union Coop is now traded in a new environment

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Union Coop shares are now held as digital certificates under DFM. You can trade using your same Investor Number (NIN) used for trading listed shares on DFM.

Trading will be centralized via the new system, making trading easier, faster, and providing you with full visibility and transparency on the share market price.

Dividends payments will be transferred directly to your bank account and bonus shares to your trading account.


Union Coop is now exclusively traded on DFM
Easier, faster trading of shares
Full visibility and transparency of market price
Easy dividends payments direct to your bank


DFM offers advanced trading technology, transparency, and high liquidity in the market. We also apply strict standards and regulations to monitor trading, carefully developed to fairly balance the interests of investors and listed companies.

Easy Trading of Shares Through advanced electronic systems and a broker’s app in your hands, it is easy to trade. This leads to a strong interaction of supply and demand in a better approach and within an organised environment.
Transparency The prices are displayed and monitored, allowing you to make investment decisions on actual and tracked basis. Shareholders will also have full visibility on the company performance, projects, and activities though DFM disclosures.
Unified Investment Portfolio Manage your investments by maintaining a unified investment portfolio that includes the Union Coop shares in addition to all other shares in your possession.

Union Coop key highlights

5,400,000 AED
2,000,000,000 AED
Net profit
344,000 AED
413,000,000 AED
No. of shareholders
No. of branches
2 Branches
24 Branches, 4 Malls

Ready to start trading on DFM?

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1. Apply for investor number (NIN)

You can apply for investor number (NIN) using DFM mobile app or through official DFM website. Apply for NIN with DFM For new investors, a membership from Union Coop needs to be obtained prior to trading Union Coop shares on DFM
You can apply for a membership at Union Coop through one of the following channels to start trading its shares.
Make sure you have an Investor Number (NIN). Then you can apply for a membership at Union Coop under the e- services tab on the DFM App. Click here for the steps.
DFM Trading Member
Contact your broker and request for the Union Coop Membership form to complete. Click here for the full list of Brokers. 
Union Coop Shareholder Center
Visit the shareholder center at Etihad mall. Working hours are from Monday to Thursday at 8:00am to 4:00pm and on Friday from 7:30am to 12:00pm.

2. Contact one of our brokers

Contact one of our brokers and open a trading account View complete list of brokers

3. Start trading

You can trade through the channels provided by the broker such as their a mobile app, web platform, or through the phone You are required to transfer your Union Coop shares (if any) from Dubai CSD (Dubai Financial Market) to your trading account.
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